Data transmit service Function isTemperature and humidity monitoring platformThe service is started to satisfy different requirementson the customer platform. Support HTTP, TCP, MQTT protocols



Name Type Description
Method String Request Mode, such as POST, GET.
Timestamp Long Data sending time
Version Int Protocol Version
PID Int Devcie IMEI
Temperature Double Temperatue(-1000=none)
Humidity Double Humidity(-1000=none)
Voltage Double Voltage(-1000=none)
L_wgs84 String Latitude and longitude(WGS-84 coordinate)
Datas > Timestamp Long Device time
  1. JOSN

    For example

  2. XML

    For example

    <?xml version="1.0"?><Command xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""><Timestamp>1501225406521</Timestamp><Version>1</Version><Datas><CommandBody><PID>7</PID><Temperature>29.50</Temperature><Humidity>-1000</Humidity><Voltage>3.58</Voltage><L_wgs84 /><Timestamp>1501196493000</Timestamp></CommandBody></Datas><Method>POST</Method></Command>


  1. Command Line Command line protocols

    Description: Command line protocols, command line protocols encoding as Ascii. Every one commad is end with "\r\n"。

    Formate specification:each parameter separate with“space symbol”

    Type Protocol version Time Detail(N) CRC End\r\n
    AA : 1 1501225869421 …… 254F

    Note:each parameter separate with"space symbol"

    Time Device IMEI Temperature Humidity Voltage Latitude and longitude
    1501197059000 | 7 | 1501225869421 | 29.60 | -1000 | 3.58 |

    For Example

    AA:1 1501225869421 1501197059000|7|29.60|-1000|3.58|| 254F

    Note: -1000=none

  2. FixedHeader the fixed header protocols encoding 。

    Description: the fixed header protocols, encoded as Hex. The protocols define the request mode as two parts, the first part define the basic information.Usually we call the first part information as header dat "request header(request name + len) + request body".

    Format specification

    Type Lenght Version Time Detail(N) CRC
    Bytes 1 bytes 2 bytes 1 bytes 6 bytes N bytes 2 bytes
    Original Data AA 0035 01 11071C100515 …… 28CF
    Value AA 53 1 17-7-28 16:05:21

    Contents Instruction

    Time Product IMEI Temperature Humidity Voltage Latitude and longitude
    Bytes 6 bytes 2 bytes 3 bytes 2 bytes 2 bytes 6 bytes
    Original Data 11071C08042E 0008 000A7A 0030 0EE2 0000000000000000
    Value 17-07-28 16:04:46 8 26.82 0.48 3.81

    For Example



      1、Temperature: 3byte,for the first byte,0 means positive ,1 means negative。The second and third byte change to decimalism, then divide by 100 divided by 100.
      2、Humidity: 2byte, change to decimalism, then divide by 100.
      3、Voltage:2byte, change to decimalism, then divide by 1000.
      4、If it shows 0xffff, means no data.



Name Type Description
Timestamp Long Data sending time
Version Int Protocol version
PID Int Device IMEI
Temperature Double Temperature (-1000=none)
Humidity Double Humidity (-1000=none)
Voltage Double Voltage (--1000=none)
L_wgs84 String Latitude and longitude (WGS-84 coordinates)
Datas > Timestamp Long Device Time
  1. JOSN

    For example